A comparative study of adolescent depression among high school pupils in a large Polish city
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Arch Psych Psych 2010;12(2):17-22
Aim. This study aims to evaluate changes in the symptoms of adolescent depression during a 17-year period. Methods. The Krakow Depression Inventory (KID), version IO C1 was administered to 17-year-old pupils of Krakow's high schools in 1984 and 2001. The groups studied were selected using two-stage sampling. The KID IO C1 results of the pupils who were screened as depressive (153 in 1984; 522 in 2001) were analysed. Results. Statistical analysis revealed significant differences in Mood Scale results (higher in girls than boys; higher in girls in 2001 than 1984), Anxiety Scale (lower in 2001 than 1984 in both gender groups), Self-destruction Scale (higher in girls in 2001 than 1984; higher in boys than girls), Somatisation Scale (higher in girls than boys). Cognition and Activity Level Scale showed no significant differences. Conclusions. The prevalence of adolescent depression has remained stable over time. The manifestation of adolescent depression has changed towards externalisation in self-destructive behaviour.
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