Characteristics of aggressive behaviour in females suffering from psychogenic binge eating disorder (analysis of the author's own research)
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Arch Psych Psych 2012;14(3):15-24
Aim. The purpose of the current research is to measure the level of aggression among females diagnosed with BED and individuals displaying no eating or mental disorders, and to make a comparative study of the aforementioned variable. Methods. The main research variables were measured using a psychometric method - the Revised Psychological Inventory of Aggression Syndrome by Gas (Polish: IPSA-II). The author of the measuring instrument developed a set of norms which met the requirements of the research conducted in a population of Polish females and males. Results. Statistical analysis of the research data revealed significant differences between the females suffering from BED and the subjects displaying no mental or eating disorders, in terms of the level of aggressive and self-aggressive tendencies. It was discovered that the study participants who constituted the control group exhibited an appropriate level of aggressive behaviour, as opposed to the subjects displaying the symptoms of BED, who reported an increased (inappropriate) degree of aggression and self-aggression, which might predispose the females to psychosomatic responses, as well as push them towards subconscious emotional eating that is aimed at coping with emotional stimuli and stress. Conclusions. Analysis of the research data revealed a high level of aggressive and self-aggressive behaviour in the sample of females suffering from psychogenic binge eating disorder. The data gathered in this study point to the fact that assessment of the level of emotional personality disturbance, which includes measuring the level of aggressive and self-aggressive tendencies, should be a crucial element of a reliable psychological diagnostic evaluation and effective therapeutic interactions in a group of patients diagnosed with BED. Insight therapy aimed at investigating psychological mechanisms underlying the subconscious process of relieving aggression by individuals suffering from BED might intensify and accele-rate the treatment of the aforementioned eating disorder.
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