Disorders of extreme stress not otherwise specified (DESNOS) - a case study
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Arch Psych Psych 2008;10(2):5-11
The examinations of people who experienced frequent trauma have shown that their psychophysical problems are much more complex than those described in the diagnostic criteria for PTSD. This resulted in the creation of a new diagnostic concept of Disorders of Extreme Stress Not Otherwise Specified (DESNOS). Diagnostic criteria for DESNOS comprise alterations in personal activity after frequent traumatic events affecting six areas of functioning: alteration in regulation of affect and impulses; attention or consciousness; self-perception; relations with others; systems of meaning; somatization. The main purpose of the presented paper is to focus on the specific functioning of people after experiencing frequent trauma characteristics that could be diagnosed as DESNOS. The first part of the paper deals with diagnostic criteria for DESNOS and the concept of its treatment. The second part is a case study describing the therapeutic approach to the patient with domestic violence history diagnosed as DESNOS.
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