The experience of using the Neurotic Personality Questionnaire KON-2006 in Russia
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Saint-Petersburg State University
Submission date: 2018-10-29
Final revision date: 2019-02-13
Acceptance date: 2019-02-13
Publication date: 2019-03-24
Corresponding author
Piotr Krystian Trąbczyński   

Saint-Petersburg State University
Arch Psych Psych 2019;21(1):74-86
The article presents the first experience of applying the methodology "Neurotic Personality Questionnaire KON-2006"developed by the Polish scientist J. Aleksandrowicz in Russia. The article describes the procedure for the adaptation of the questionnaire and the results of his study, construct and convergent validity. In paper hare demonstrate he results of an empirical study of 423 people (201 patients with neurotic disorders and 222 healthy), which demonstrate the psychodiagnostic possibilities of the technique. It is shown that the "KON-2006" in the Russian sample well differentiates the clinical group from a group of healthy, revealing significant differences in almost all indicators, the questionnaire is describes a wide range of personal characteristics (personality dysfunctions) inherent in patients with neurotic disorders, and reveals their high severity. Along with the "KON-2006", the study also used a method for studying of level of social frustration, the questionnaire "Neurotic personality traits", the questionnaire "Level of neuroticism", a technique for studying the severity of psychopathological symptoms (Symptoms Check List - 90), a technique for studying intrapersonal conflicts. Results of the study revealed the personal characteristics that show the highest correlation with clinical decorated neurotic disorders. Based on these results an attempt was made to identify and describe certain "personality types" that are typical of patients with neurotic disorders. The study was designed methodical complex for the positive diagnosis of neurosis, which includes as «KON-2006 Questionnaire neurotic personality 'main tool.
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