The meaning of a physician-patient relation for neuroleptic treatment
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Arch Psych Psych 2011;13(4):21-28
Aim. The aim of the research was to establish correlation between patient's attitude towards neuroleptic treatment and the physician-patient relation. Methods. The study involved 120 patients with psychosis. The following methods were used: Drug Attitude Inventory (DAI-30), Attitudes towards Neuroleptic Treatment Questionnaire (ANT) and 3 Components of the Attitude (3P). Results. The patients generally liked their attending physicians, tended to maintain contact with them and assessed their competence favourably. The positive attitude to an attending psychiatrist was connected with a positive attitude to the received drugs and the process of treatment itself. Conclusions. Patient's attitude towards the physician plays an important role in the process of pharmacotherapy. Psychotic patients with positive attitude towards the physician were also more likely to have a positive attitude towards neuroleptic treatment.
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