The role of patient-generated metaphors on in-session therapeutic processes
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Arch Psych Psych 2008;10(1):21-27
Aim. This study examined the relationship of patient-generated metaphors to in-session experiencing. Material and method. It was as assessed by the Experiencing Scale (EXP). Patient-generated metaphor events were randomly selected from psychotherapy transcripts of forty-seven patients (N = 47) in therapy with therapists in training. Patient utterances before, during, and after the metaphor were identified and rated using the EXP Scale. Results. From a repeated-measures ANOVA indicate that patient-generated metaphors are not significantly different from pre-metaphor or post-metaphor patient utterances. Furthermore, the patients' experiencing did not increase following a metaphor. Conclusion. These results are discussed in relation to the role of metaphors in psychotherapy and their implications for future research.
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