An Interdisciplinary Team Approach of Dynamic Psychiatry. Theory and practice at Menterschwaige Hospital
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Submission date: 2015-03-06
Final revision date: 2015-07-29
Acceptance date: 2015-07-29
Publication date: 2015-10-19
Corresponding author
Maria Ammon   

DAP, Kanstrasse 120, 10625 Berlin, Germany
Arch Psych Psych 2015;17(3):40-47
The integrative model for person-centred clinical care in Dynamic Psychiatry comprises interdisciplinary features and approaches: The central integrative aspect is the holistic view of a person as a unique human being, influenced by the dynamics of the surrounding groups. The authors present the theoretical conception of human development and the therapeutic conceptions and intervention methods of Dynamic Psychiatry as a person-centred clinical care concept. This concept is turned into reality at the Dynamic Psychiatric hospital Menterschwaige in Munich. The hospital Menterschwaige bases its multi-dimensional psychiatric-psychotherapeutic work on the analytic group-dynamics and thus follows systemic principles. This means that staff as well as patients of the hospital are daily challenged with interdisciplinary demands. Based on theoretical considerations about the necessary preconditions of such an interdisciplinary team approach in person-centred clinical care its implementation will be discussed. The realisation of this approach takes place through group-dynamic and self-reflective processes within various groups of the clinical system, for instance, in the regular group dynamic sessions of the team. By means of a case study it will be discussed what essential significance this self-reflective work has for a successful person centred treatment of seriously mentally disordered patients. "One of the key elements of person centred psychiatry and medicine is the cultivation of relationships at all levels. These include relationships between the clinician, the patient and the family, as well as collaboration among the various health professionals involved. The latter refers to the team approach". Juan Mezzich
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