Body image among young females with anorexia nervosa and the structure of body image among their mothers
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Arch Psych Psych 2010;12(4):61-67
Aim. A comparative study of body image among young females with anorexia nervosa and their mothers. Method. Contour Drawing Rating Scale - CDRS by J. K Thompson, J. Gray. Results. The results of this research revealed the statistically significant correlation between body image evaluation among mothers and the body perception among their daughters with anorexia nervosa. The correlation refers to the ideal self (what I want to look like) as well as to the ought self (what I should look like). Both mothers and daughters aspire to the ideal body image. The women's desired body shape is slimmer than their current figure which conforms to the age-appropriate norms. When evaluating their bodies, both groups of females take into account the social norms concerning appearance. Conclusions. Culturally and socially influenced perception of body can significantly affect the development of identity in adolescent females and young women, leading to disharmony.
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