Cognitive appraisal and strategies of coping applied in an exam situation
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Arch Psych Psych 2005;7(4):33-38
The presented research concerned the influence of cognitive appraisal upon the process of coping with examination stress. Cognitive appraisal with the exam situation as a challenge results in the application of strategies directly confronting a stress situation. Such strategies are: creating a schedule of preparations for an exam, activity according to plan or instrumental preparing for an exam. Appraisal of a situation as a threat helps the application of ways of coping involving diverting attention off a stressor and one's own reactions. Here we should mention wishful thinking and searching for social support. This type of cognitive appraisal also contributes to the minimalization of a problem and reduction of stress. Intermediary influence of coping strategy, between cognitive appraisal of a situation and examination result has also been noted. On the basis of analysis of relations between variables made in the hereby study we may conclude that in the situation of examination stress, cognitive appraisal of a situation plays a significant role in a process of coping with stress.
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