Evaluation of body image among females with Anorexia Readiness Syndrome
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Arch Psych Psych 2011;13(3):11-19
Aim. The purpose of the present study was to assess body dissatisfaction, body size perception, restricting and compensative behaviours in relation to body as well as attitudes towards appearance in women with anorexia readiness syndrome (ARS). Methods. The study included 79 women, among all women, 24 presented ARS. The control group consisted of 55 healthy female students. The Contour Drawing Rating Scale, the Body Dissatisfaction Scale, the Eating Attitudes Test, the Sociocultural Attitudes Appearance Questionnaire and the Physical Activity Scale were used in this study. Results. Women with ARS had poorer body image and worse eating behaviour compared to healthy controls. Actual-ought discrepancy and oral control moderately determined body dissatisfaction in women with ARS. Conclusion. Women with ARS are strongly body-oriented and they have a tendency to distort their body image.
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