Generation Changes of Polish Adolescents Self-Image (cohorts 1987 versus 2001)
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Collegium Medicum UJ
Department of Health Psychology Jagiellonian University Collegium Medicum
Submission date: 2013-10-08
Acceptance date: 2013-11-07
Publication date: 2013-12-20
Corresponding author
Renata Modrzejewska   

Collegium Medicum UJ, Kopernika 21 a, 31-501 Kraków, Poland
Arch Psych Psych 2013;15(4):31-37
Aim of the study:
To compare the self-image of adolescents over fifteen years in Poland (1987 versus 2001).

Subject or material and methods:
Participants were 1872 school students aged 16 to 17 years randomly selected from high school in Kraków (university town). Self-image was measured by the Offer Self-Image Questionnaire. MANOVA, ANOVAs and CFA were applied as statistical methods.

Between 1987 and 2001 self-image changes toward a more positive self perceptions in 2001. Boys described themselves better on most scales. Girls score better on vocational and educational goals and superior adjustment.

Based on the results of population studies on adolescents’ self-image, it can be claimed that within nearly 15 years, 17-year-olds’ self-image improved. Thus, the hypothesis was confirmed that adolescents’ self-image in subsequent birth cohorts had changed. A similar conclusion had been drawn by Offer in studies quoted earlier.

Self-image changes over time. It is influenced by macrosocial conditions. The research confirm 5-factor model of self-image structure of the questionnaire and its inter-generational and inter-cultural stability.

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