Change in self-image in the population of adolescents in 15 years - a comparative study
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Arch Psych Psych 2009;11(2):41-47
Aim. The image of the self changes over time. The changes are conditioned by the culture and the social structure that the adolescents live in. The study aimed to compare self-image in non-treated 17 y.o. population of adolescents during 15 years. Material and method. In 1987 and 2001, a representative sample of school-attending adolescents was screened with OSIQ (The Offer Self-Image Questionnaire for Adolescents). Results. In the period surveyed, the self-image of 17-year-olds improved. In the boys' group, there is still an incoherence of the self-image, while in girls the coherence grows. Conclusions. As a result of macrocultural factors, favourable changes take place in the area of mental health and coping that are reflected in the improvement of the self-image.
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