Relation of manganese superoxide dismutase gene polymorphism with tardive dyskinesias symptoms in the Polish population
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Arch Psych Psych 2007;9(1-2):43-49
Aim. Free radical hypothesis of TD subscribes their existence to cholinergic neurone damage in an extrapyramid system by reactive oxygen species (ROS). MnSOD contributes greatly to protection against ROS. Methods. Schizophrenic' psychic state was evaluated with PANSS; TD increase symptoms with AIMS. Results. Statistical gravity in allele incidence frequency and a genotype distribution was noticed between a TD and CG; also in a genotype distribution between CG and a SG. CG and TD symptoms were differentiated by allele layout, too. Relative risk for schizophrenia and TD development is dependent on a genotype in a gene for MnSOD. Conclusions. A statistically substantial correlation was noted between schizophrenia incidence and a Val9Val genotype in a gene for MnSOD. Schizophrenics with Val-9Val genotype in a gene for MnSOD are of nearly ten times higher risk for TD development. Risk for schizophrenia development for those having Val9Val genotype in a gene for MnSOD is over three times higher.
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