Gender role conflict and depression in males - the possible role of the athletic ideal
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Arch Psych Psych 2008;10(2):39-47
Aim. We studied gender role conflict, depression and the prevalence of non-competitive bodybuilding. Material and methods. 480 male military college students and 752 non-military college students were a study group. A demographic questionnaire, the Beck Depression Inventory (BDI), and the Gender Role Conflict Scale (GRCS) was administered to all subjects. Data about desired weight, and anabolic steroid abuse were also detected. Results. Non-military college students reported higher levels of gender role conflict on two subscales of GRCS, higher total score, and higher level of depression than military subjects. Non-competitive bodybuilding is more prevalent in military college students. 88.1% of the total population wants to lose or gain weight. i.e., was dissatisfied with present body weight. Conclusion. The findings suggest that military college students compared to general college students have some protective factors against the psychopathological effect of the cultural pressure of body ideals.
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