The outcome of inpatient psychotherapy and the duration of previous psychotherapy treatment
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Arch Psych Psych 2008;10(4):5-19
Aim. The duration of previous psychotherapy treatment was the main independent variable. Material and method. Three hundred and one patients successively reporting for inpatient treatment in the Clinic of Neurotic Disorders received questionnaires. Two-hundred seventy-four patients who completed the treatment and returned all the tests were divided into three groups: a) those without any previous experience of psychotherapy, b) those with previous experience of short-term therapy, and c) those previously in long-term psychotherapy. The following tools were used: Hopkins Symptom Checklist, Sense of Coherence, Questionnaire of Motivation, and Adjective Checklist. Result. The duration of previous psychotherapy influenced symptoms, coherence, motivational factors and personality aspects, both at the beginning of psychotherapy and at the time of discharge from the hospital.
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